Semilive Urological Robotic Surgery Webinar

28th July 2020 – 1730 to 2030 Hrs

Robotic-assisted surgeries are increasing rapidly and urology is the frontline branch using da vinci platform. Though use of da vinci platform was started in year 1999-2000 for radical prostatectomy, it is now used for several urological cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery and more recently, for kidney transplantation. This webinar is aimed to demonstrate various robotic surgery in urology practice and several tips will be available from the experts in each field. Number of robots in India are increasing and available at major teaching and non-teaching institution and clearly represents growth of robotic surgery.

Andrology Webinar USI-ISU

This webinar focusses on the relevant practical issues in Andrology and discusses the evidence-based approach to the problems in the Indian setting. The eminent faculty will participate in the interactive discussion on the topics. The webinar is divided into two major subdivisions – Male Infertility & Erectile Dysfunction

Learning Objectives

  • Early detection & Interventions in Hypogonadism
  • Prognostication of Sperm Retrieval Rates in Azoospermia
  • Approach to ‘Failed Varicocoelectomy’
  • Current status of MicroTESE
  • Management of Concealed Penis
  • Determinants of choice of Technique in Peyronnies Disease
  • Home ICIVAD –  Overcoming challenges in the Indian Setting
  • Penile Prosthesis – Current status and way forward in Indian setting

Endourological Management of Stone Disease: Current Controversies Webinar

Endourological Management of Stone Disease : “Current Controversies”

USI -ISU Webinar : July 21st, 2020

Introduction :

Stone disease comprises the most common and the bulk of a Urologists practice volume. Endourology is the so called bread and butter for the genitourinary surgeon. The recent advancements in the development of endoscopes (especially flexible ureteroscope ), accessories and lithotripsy devices has pushed our boundaries in the way we manage the stone disease. As a result of this we have quite a few controversial issues to be discussed for better understanding which will help us deliver a better healthcare services to our patients.

Aim :

To highlight the current controversies in the endourological management of stone disease and get an evidence based perspective. To discuss clinical scenarios which we face in day to day practice that are challenging to manage as the evidence available is also equally controversial. 

Objective : 

To enlighten the viewers about the controversies in endourological management of stone disease and give them the best possible solutions and alternative management options  in the form of short talks, expert opinions, debate and case discussions by a panel of experts. 

USI Calendar of Events Aug-Dec 2020

From August to December 2020 USI is excited to bring the following events to further the cause of academics in Urology.

2nd August – SundayLaparoscopic upper urinary tract reconstruction: Dilemmas and solutions1730-1930 hrs
9th August – Sunday Penile and testicular cancer – the grey zones in 2020: Is collaboration the way forward?1700-2000 hrs
15th August – SaturdayAUA – USI instructional course – Infertility and Paediatric Urology1830 – 2200 hrs
16th  August – SundayAUA – USI instructional course – Female Urology1830 – 2030 hrs
23rd August – SundayUrology subspecialties – Indian perspective1030 – 1300 hrs
30th August – SundayBasics in PCNL – from localization, puncture to stone clearance1000 – 1300 hrs
6th September – SundayFlaps and grafts in reconstructive Urology – which, when, and where?1000- 1300 hrs
13th September – SundayDiagnostic modalities in Ca Prostate: Do we have too many or too less1000 – 1230 hrs 
20th September – SundaySimulation  in learning Urology1000 – 1300 hrs
27th September – SundayFemale Urological fistulae – have we mastered them1000 – 1300 hrs
4th October – SundayOnline mock examination0900 – 1600 hrs
11th October – SundayOpen surgical procedures in stone management – case-based approach1000 – 1300 hrs
18th October – SundayVascular access: we need to gear up with the vascular guys1000 – 1300 hrs
25th October – SundayUpdate on GUTB1000 – 1300 hrs
1st November –  SundayImage-guided interventions in Urology: Are we ready to take on the interventional radiologists1000 – 1300 hrs
8th November – SundayCouncil meeting0900 – 1700 hrs
15th November – SundayFemale bladder outlet obstruction – Indian scenario1030 – 1300 hrs
22nd November – SundayUpdate on cadaver transplantation1000 – 1300 hrs
29th November – SundayCPPS/ IC – PBS: Give IC a chance1000 – 1300hrs
6th December – SundayResidents forum1000 – 1300 hrs
13th December – SundayWorkshop on manuscript writing1030 – 1300 hrs
20th December – SundayPenile implant surgery – a perfect cure for impotency! – prospects and outcome1030 – 1300 hrs
Table of proposed activities by the Urological Society of India

Share this list with your fellow members and block these dates in your calendar.

Neurovesical Dysfunction Webinar

The USI ISU Session on Neurogenic Bladder is a 150min program aimed at discussing the salient aspects of evaluation and management of two of the major classes of patients: those with spinal disease-injury and those with suprapontine lesions. The discussions are chiefly case-based and issue-based. There is a special session on salvage techniques including indwelling catheters and containment options. Dedicated time is reserved for audience questions. The program should be useful both to practicing urologists and trainees.

 10th July’2020       1800 – 2030 hrs 
Watch the program on the Facebook group or YouTube.

Topic: Neuro vesical dysfunction and overactive bladder – current strategies of management

Convenors : Dr Sanjay Sinha / Dr Arun Chawla
Opening remarks: Dr Rajeev T P, Hon Secretary, USI ( 2 mins )
Address by Prof Anant Kumar, President, USI ( 2 mins )
Address by Prof Rajeev Sood, Chairman,ISU ( 2 mins )
Learning Objectives : Dr Arun Chawla ( 3 mins )

Session I:  1810 – 1910
Clinical Epidemiology of Neurogenic Bladder – Anita Patel ( 15 mins )
Panel Discussion: Management of High Risk nLUTD ( 45 mins )              
Moderator: Dr Sanjay Sinha
Panellists : Dr Rishi Nayar, Dr Sanjay Pandey, Dr Vineet Narang, Dr Shirish Yande

Session II: 1910 – 1950
Panel Discussion: Managementof nLUTD in suprapontine lesions( 40 mins)
Moderator : Dr Arun Chawla         
Panellists : Dr Shailesh Raina, Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Arabind Panda, Dr Aneesh Srivastava

Session III: 1950 – 2030
Panel Discussion: Catheters, Continence Products, Containment Strategies ( 30 mins )   Moderator: Dr Nikhil Khattar
Panellists : Dr Vijay Madduri, Dr Ankur Mittal , Dr Kalyan Sarkar, Dr Anita Patel
Audience Interaction Session ( 10 mins ) 
Dr Nitin Kekre, Dr Sanjay Sinha


USICON 2021 at Ahmedabad awaits you for an academic feast. Ahmedabad (pronounced as Amdavad in Gujarati) is the largest city and former capital of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the administrative headquarters of the Ahmadabad district and the seat of the Gujarat High Court. Ahmedabad’s population of 5,633,927 (as per 2011 population census) makes it the fifth-most populous city in India, and the encompassing urban agglomeration population estimated at 6,357,693 is seventh-most populous in India. Ahmadabad is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, 30 km (19 mi) from the state capital Gandhinagar, which is its twin city.

Ahmedabad has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub in India. It is the second-largest producer of cotton in India, and its stock exchange is the country’s second oldest. Cricket is a popular sport in Ahmedabad, which houses the 54,000-seat Sardar Patel Stadium. The effects of liberalization of the Indian economy have energized the city’s economy towards tertiary sector activities such as commerce, communication, and construction. Ahmedabad’s increasing population has resulted in an increase in the construction and housing industries resulting in the recent development of skyscrapers.

Organizing secretariat
Shyam Urosurgical Hospital,
4th-floor, Viva complex,
Opposite Parimal Garden, Ellisbridge,
Ahmedabad- 380006, Gujarat, India,
Ph: 079-26469846, 079- 26466700

Fellowships post MCH and DNB webinar

Fellowships post MCH and DNB: Options and Prospects webinar held on 30 th June’2020 : 1700 – 2030 hrs

The webinar on Fellowships post MCH and DNB: Options and Prospects was highly anticipated, as even before the webinar there were many telephonic enquires for the same. The program spanned over 3 and a half hours. In this webinar: 23 faculty and 4 experts participated. 

The webinar was attended by 350 attendees live and till date 1700 people have watched it. The webinar covered all the aspects of the fellowship training post MCH/DNB urology. The whole program was divided into three sections , 1st how to get fellowships in different countries or different centers in India , 2nd section was dedicated to subspecialty fellowships and the third one to Job prospects post fellowships.

Highlights of the program included 

  1. A start talk by Dr. Mark Gonzalgo, gave all the viewers an idea as to how can they can apply for the fellowships in USA and what are the credentials a program director is looking for. 
  2. An interesting debate between fellowship and Assistant professor post was impressively argued for by Dr. Santosh and Dr. Girdhar. Both of them brought out the moot points  in favor of their topic. The debate was very well received.
  3. The last section of dealt with the “ Hard Talk with Program directors” eminent program directors: Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni, Dr. Ravindra Sabnis , Dr. Ginil Kumar and Dr. Gagan Gautam  participated in this panel discussion. Relevant points from the trainees point of view were highlighted in the session. Emphasis was laid on a early start and preparation right from the first year of residency. Issues like hands on training and Job prospects were also discusses.

After the program , as per personal communication from the prospective fellows the program was extremely helpful and would go a long way in shaping their careers. 

One challenge we faced was keeping to time. We finished at 9.15 pm which was 45 minutes past the allotted time and my sincere apologies for the same. The logistic support from USI office was extremely helpful. Looking forward to many more such opportunities.

Youth Concalve of USI

The Urology fraternity across the globe has witnessed the world`s first virtual conference on 14th June 2020 conducted by the Urological Society of India(USI) and the Youth Organisation of USI (YOU). YOU was established in 2019 to promote the young talents of USI and to aid them in training as well as career building. The first annual conference of YOU-Youth conclave had to be conducted ‘virtual’ because of COVID pandemic. But this was not a hurdle to the young brigades who were led by the experienced council of the USI. This program was well conceived under the able leadership of Dr. Rajeev TP, honorary secretary of USI. Dr. Dilip Kumar Mishra and Dr. BM Zeeshan Hameed were the convenors of the record breaking event who left no stone unturned by their stupendous efforts.

USI-YOU Youth Conclave was conducted on Zoom platform with simultaneous live streaming in swarnimtouch, Facebook live on the USI Facebook page and Youtube. More than 1000 people witnessed the mega live virtual conference in various platforms continuously for more than 8 hours. The program started with welcome address by the honourable USI Secretary Dr.Rajeev TP followed by the honourable USI President Dr.Anant Kumar`s address to the large number of urologists who had joined for the meeting. Dr.C.Mallikarjuna, the President elect briefed about how Youth USI was formed, its future prospects and its long term missions. There were 30 wonderful  lectures covering various topics in Lower urinary tract, Urolithiasis, Uro-oncology and Laparoscopy. The experts in each field summarised each session at the end which along with their valuable inputs made every session a unique blend of youth and experienced. The case based discussions in Uro-oncology moderated by Dr. Bhavan Rai (UK) and Urolithiasis moderated by Prof Bhaskar Somani (UK) simulating the real life scenarios encouraged more participants to interact with the national and international panelists. The participants enjoyed the hot debate on Supine Vs Prone PCNL which was like the Indian curry adding more spice to the program. The beauty of this virtual conference was the discipline towards time, every speaker was sticking on to the time allotted and there was no delay in the program despite being virtual. When the program concluded after a series of lectures, debate and case based discussions it was quite obvious that everyone relished the academic feast. Though the participants missed the personal interaction and the travel, they all enjoyed the program seated at various parts of the world!